Focusing on businesses’ communication with their customers in the most effective way in line with sales and marketing targets, the Logo CRM Customer Relations Management solution provides customer satisfaction by quickly managing field operations, marketing activities and all sales processes.

Required by companies of all sizes 

Regardless of their size, all companies have the goal of increasing the loyalty of their existing customers, accessing potential customers and establishing the right communication with customers. Thanks to Logo CRM that facilitates this process by automation communicating with the right customer, at the right time, in the right way is possible.    

Integrated structure, strong corporate memory 

Providing fast and effective management at every customer contact points, Logo CRM is also integrated with the Logo ERP solutions. This enables all data in the business to feed into and support each other, and sales and marketing processes are controlled, creating a strong and reliable corporate memory.


Providing a holistic perspective by gathering all data and actions related to existing and potential customers under the same roof, Logo CRM enables sales and marketing processes to be better planned. Therefore, the foundation required for higher customer satisfaction, a higher number of new customers and more profitability, is created. In other words, orders can quickly be transformed into sales.

In addition to its standard modules, Logo Tiger 3 Enterprise can be enhanced with apps and widgets developed by Logo and Logo Solution Partners so that businesses can create a function cluster with just the features they need. 

All data, correspondence, telephone records, invoices and complaints related to customers are collected in Logo CRM, resulting in effective customer management. Since all the information is classified based on the requirements of the customer, the sales and marketing personnel in particular achieve significant time savings. 

As many documents as desired can be collected and classified in subfolders under each customer folder created in Logo CRM. Sales performance is improved through the auto-matching of these folders with hot sales opportunities that may occur later. 

Thanks to the integration of the Logo CRM software with the e-mail application, accessing the records of the customer, the supplier or the dealer who send e-mails also becomes possible. With Outlook Add-in, data can be accessed quickly without switching between different applications.

Thanks to its web-based structure, Logo CRM provides a solution that is accessible from anywhere, at any time. Logo CRM’s mobile application covers all the modules and functions included in the product’s web interface. In addition, the ‘Near Me’ feature in the mobile app displays the customers and clear opportunities in the user’s region on the map. The Check-in/Check-out feature enables the monitoring and route optimization of field employees through the system. 

Logo CRM enables sales opportunities, projects, and tenders and their history to be followed up on one screen. This allows users to view what actions were taken in relation to opportunities, on which dates and by whom, what was discussed and what quotes were offered, along with the related documents and e-mails, enabling users to take more reliable actions.

The Logo CRM Offer Management module helps to prepare offers quicker through sections, views and templates that can be customized for offer processes. The past price check, Optional Offer, Alternative Offer and Product Association features also provide a more flexible offer process. Human errors in offer processes are minimized through offer approval processes that can be customized in a number of different ways based on requirements, and the automatic real-time checks for the current account risk limit and the remaining stock amount in the Logo CRM database.

The customer-related activities, routes, meeting and visit schedules of sales and after-sales service teams can be centrally monitored via Logo CRM. Therefore, the activities of the teams can be organized to achieve time and cost savings, while an effective management and reporting mechanism is created. Offered for this purpose, the Logo CRM Activity Management module keeps a detailed record of all the visits, meetings, and meeting notes for potential or existing customers, allowing to report through the pivot table feature. 

In addition to reports such as the Sales, Opportunities and Activities included in different modules of Logo CRM, customizable reports and dashboards can also be prepared.

Thanks to the Support Logo CRM Center whose after-sales processes can be customized as required, customer satisfaction/complaints processes, technical support processes or call center processes integrated with the enterprise’s IP switchboard can be managed from a single point.

The real-time integration of Logo CRM with the Logo ERP products allows users to track the current account statements, order statements and risk limits of customers. The real-time check of product stock levels and the automatic transfer of offers that transformed into sales, as orders or waybills to ERP solutions are also realized through this integration.

Offered free of charge in Logo CRM, the Logo Notifier Service delivery management system enables the real-time notification of activities related to corporate processes. This provides full control over processes and real-time reports can be created. Logo Notifier Service shares any information including the celebration of customers’ special days, e-mail messages, the final status of submitted offers, actual sales, contract expiry dates, and after-sales service details in the form of e-mails, SMS or Push Notifications.

All of the transactional contents and details of customers such as their current account status, risk criteria, entered orders, collections, material and stock statuses, and documents of issued invoices are immediately forwarded through Logo Notifier Service.

Developed with new-generation technologies, Logo CRM offers a modern and user-friendly interface with an aesthetic design that is easy on the eyes.

Great for:

– Sport and entertainment

– Retail

– Travel and transportation

– Healthcare 

They prefer CRM

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