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Enabling sales teams to manage hot and cold sales processes via mobile devices such as phones, tablets and mobile handheld terminals, the field sales management solution, Logo Mobile Sales increases sales efficiency, while allowing customer demands to be met in the best way possible.

Contribution to sales targets 

Logo Mobile Sales is the greatest contributor to sales teams in responding quickly with the most appropriate contents to increasing customer demands. Improving efficiency and expediting sales processes thanks to mobile usage, Logo Mobile Sales plays an important role in achieving sales targets.  

Increased customer satisfaction

Offering mobile ease of use in every step of the sales process and field operations, Logo Mobile Sales ensures that each sale is fully, efficiently and quickly completed. This improves both the success of the sales teams and customer satisfaction.


The user-friendly interface of the Logo Mobile Sales solution enables field and sales teams to quickly become familiar with the solution and easily implement all of its functions. Thanks to the screens in this interface, the sales personnel can quickly and easily enter the orders, issue invoices and perform collection transactions during a meeting with the customer.

Logo Mobile Sales can be downloaded not only to handheld terminals, but also to mobile phones and tablets. This allows barcodes to be scanned via any device using the camera of mobile devices. Customer or material searches can be easily performed with the voice command feature, and the corresponding notes can be taken in the device.

Thanks to the GPS feature of Logo Mobile Sales, location information of the field teams can be viewed in real time. This allows the coordinates of the processed customer, durations of the meetings, and durations of the pausing times to be measured exactly. This helps to save costs such as fuel costs, and increase the efficiency of the sales teams.

Narrow or large invoices can be printed with Logo Mobile Sales which connects with printer sets that are produced specifically for vehicles, via Bluetooth. Invoices, orders, and collection receipts can be easily printed with double printer support.

Thanks to the Invoice Design tool of Logo Mobile Sales, invoices can be customized based on company-specific criteria.

The Report Design tool of Logo Mobile Sales enables reports that are personalized, based on the company’s requirements, to be prepared. These reports can be instantly prepared and presented to the customer during the meeting. In addition, the availability of the company’s own products as well as those of the competitors, and the amount and price information of products on shelves / in stock can be retrieved and reported via Logo Mobile Sales.

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