Support services

BeIT & Partners offers a wide range of support services to provide instant solutions to any needs and problems that may arise within users’ IT infrastructure.

Support and training services for Logo users are provided by Authorized Logo Business Partners.

This support includes:

Project consulting
User training
Remote connection
On-site support
Data maintenance
Network and database consulting

BeIT & Partners support line services, which involves over-the-phone support for OUR solutions, is provided by technical support professionals to OUR users and OUR Business Partners.

Our support line services are available from 8.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m., Monday through Saturday. Our users can receive over-the-phone support from our BeIT & Partners center after signing the tele-support agreement. 

Call us for detailed information
+994 12 525 27 61
+994 55 6410025
+994 55 4507055

Undergraduate maintenance services

In the contemporary world, software, technology, and related business processes keep developing on a non-stop basis. For companies, a high return on software investments is only possible if the software is updated regularly and new features are added. This means that companies require support that is equipped with up-to-date business and process models if they are to meet current financial and management standards.

At BeIT & Partners, we offer LEM (Logo enterprise membership) to our users to meet these needs, based on the principle of mutual and long-term trust. We work with a large team of developers, support personnel and consultants for users to obtain the maximum benefit from the software used.

LEM is a subscription system that allows current users of Logo products to benefit have free access for 1 year to newly developed features and amendments that are not sold as separate modules.

With LEM, users can own the latest versions of the products they use, as well as new features and performance improvements, and enjoy special prices for user, employee, and firm upgrades and modules.

What is LEM?

For detailed information on our LEM

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For your questions and requests

You can ask for information about our products and request a demo. Our experts will guide you on the most appropriate solution for your requirements.

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