Diva POS


Designed specifically for the retail sector, the Logo Diva POS which can be used as a built-in or cloud-based software, enables all cash transactions to be rapidly and easily tracked and managed.

Special technology for retail 

Retail doesn’t only involve displaying and selling products anymore. Retail companies need to be more technology-oriented in areas such as customer experience management, integration of front office and back office applications, fast and seamless service, and customer satisfaction. Developed for this requirement, Logo Diva POS enables the real-time management of the sales transactions in stores. 

Built-in or cloud-based use

Logo Diva POS can be easily activated in the retail companies’ cloud or the Logo cloud.

Fast solution for all cash transactions 

Providing the digital transformation experience in shopping, Logo Diva POS enables all cash transactions ranging from sales invoices and returns to campaigns and price management, and from stock control to customer records to be performed quickly and easily.


Logo Diva POS offers the cloud technology that doesn’t require any investment to retail companies. Thanks to this technology, there is no need for investments in terminals, servers, security software, backup, database installation, maintenance support services, various software licenses, etc. All information entered into the system is securely saved, protected and backed up in the cloud environment. There is also no need for an expert for installation and application. As long as there is an internet connection and an account defined in Logo Diva POS, the system can be operated directly from the cloud. Logo also serves retail companies that would like to use Diva POS in a built-in system.

Logo Diva POS was designed to ensure that retail stores offer high-quality services not only for products, but also for register processes. Carrying out real-time transactions through the common customer database even for organizations with hundreds of branches, Logo Diva POS is able to provide fast and seamless services. 

Since the information in the common customer database, which is created in Logo Diva POS, covers the shopping information of customers at different stores, as well as the overall shopping trends, it provides valuable inputs for Customer Relations Management (CRM) applications. Using such information, special offers, campaigns, gifts and promotional programs for customers can be implemented. In this entire process, the Personal Data Protection Act (KVKK) is adhered to and the system is regularly updated based on legislative changes.  

Logo Diva POS provides excellent control over cash transactions at any retail company whether it’s a store with two branches, or a chain with hundreds of stores. Transactions in any store can be viewed in real time, sales reports can be received at any time, and changes in product prices, or campaigns can be easily applied to all stores or only to certain points. Any new store can be instantly added to the system, the stores can be categorized under an infinite number of groups based on their structures, payment options can be identified on the basis of stores and stores can be authorized for certain transactions. In addition, thanks to the capability to create a common platform with e-commerce sites, traditional stores and online commerce environments can be brought together. In other words, the omnichannel retail concept where different channels come together, is implemented without any issues via the Logo Diva POS register solutions. 

Combining the touch-screen comfort with a user-friendly design, Logo Diva POS can be used in any device, from tablets to mobile phones and laptops/desktops. Rapidly adopted by users, Logo Diva POS also significantly facilitates use with search and video help options. Thanks to these features, even a new cash register officer can quickly learn the system. 

Logo Diva POS can be integrated with all current payment systems including mobile payment and campaign systems. Thanks to its flexible structure that can be enhanced with add-ins, it can also be adapted to new systems. In cash transactions performed via Logo Diva CHANNEL, it is possible to issue not only receipts or invoices, but also e-invoices in the system. Thanks to Logo Diva POS, which is fully integrated with the Logo e-Archive and e-Invoice solutions, e-invoices can also be sent to the integrator in real time, when they are issued via the system, and presented to the consumer. Monthly cash transaction reports can also be sent to the Revenue Administration via the integrator. In short, all phases of the payment and billing processes can be easily managed from a single point with Logo Diva POS.

With Logo Diva POS, cash transactions can be carried out not only at registers, but also at different points within the store, through Logo Diva MOBILE. Thanks to this feature, register queues are reduced, while customers can freely shop within the store.

Current stock information can be accessed at any time with Logo Diva POS. Stores are able to review the stocks in other stores through authorization, and are therefore able to properly guide customers in relation to product stocks. Stocks can be transferred between stores and monitored through the stock transfer feature. The minimum stock level can also be checked and instant sales strategies can be designed based on the amount of stock in stores by effectively managing stocks thanks to this checking system. In addition, purchasing processes can be planned and costs can be monitored thanks to the capability to review all past stock movements.

In an industry such as retail where labor turnover is high, minimizing the need for training is crucial in terms of time and cost savings. Logo Diva POS which can be rapidly activated, also significantly lowers the effort required by users to learn the program, with search and video help options. Thanks to these features, even a new cash register officer can quickly learn the system. 

Logo Diva Support teams provide service between 08:00 and 22:00 on weekdays, and between 10:00 and 22:00 on weekends and public holidays. Contacting the Logo Diva Support Line is all that is required when technical support is needed. As soon as the issue is registered, problems are quickly resolved. 

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