Enabling every business process of medium-sized and large businesses, as well as companies with a dealership organization to be managed end-to-end, efficiently and effectively, Logo j-Platform ERP offers a flexible solution that can be accessed from anywhere, at any time with its web-based structure.

Minimum cost of investment, maximum efficiency 

The web-based Logo j-Platform reduces the cost of hardware with its flexible software architecture, enabling businesses, group companies and dealer networks to connect to the system quickly and cost-effectively, and all operational processes can be controlled from a single center. ,The number of servers can be increased in parallel with the growth of the business, and unlimited users can be defined in the system.

Extensive configuration options 

The flexible j-Platform, which can be shaped according to the requirements of businesses, enables the configuration of business processes based on needs and requirements with its numerous configuration options. With Logo j-Platform, standard ERP functions can be enriched through business and industry-specific applications. 

Integration with different Logo solutions

Capable of being fully integrated with many new-generation applications of Logo such as Human Resources, Business Analytics, Customer Relationship Management, Workflow Management and e-Solutions, Logo j-Platform allows all business processes within a comprehensive ecosystem to be effectively managed.


With its web-based structure and easy implementation capabilities, Logo j-Platform can be installed with a minimum level of technological investment. Processes involving Integration with different solutions and customization with additional modules can be quickly completed and the solution can be deployed in a short amount of time. Thanks to its web-based structure, Logo j-Platform can be accessed from anywhere, at any time.

In addition to managing all processes in an enterprise centrally, Logo j-Platform enables businesses with distribution networks to control and manage projects, records and master data of all their dealers from a single point.

Logo j-Platform can be seamlessly integrated not only with the Logo solutions, but also with third-party solutions and applications thanks to Web Services.

Working in full compliance with the current legislation and the international accounting standards, Logo j-Platform offers financial reporting capabilities that are in compliance with the standards. Pre-defined financial statements can be personalized based on specific requirements; transactions can be accessed via receipt records and all exchange rates can be easily downloaded from the Logo portal. In addition, a second account plan can be created and inter-organizational consolidation can be fully achieved.

Logo j-Platform offers a wide range of modular solutions that cover many different functions such as finance management, purchasing, budget management, project management, sales and distribution, asset and maintenance, all of which are integrated within each other. 

Logo j-Platform is an ideal solution for businesses operating not only in Turkey, but also other countries, thanks to its multi-currency and multi-language options, as well as features enabling the solution to conform to regulations in different countries. Therefore, it supports international operations and offers consolidation services to enterprises with offices in different locations, through safe and efficient data sharing capabilities via the internet/intranet.

The Logo j-Platform solution can be purchased by paying a one-time license fee or through the leasing model. The solution can be deployed on the businesses’ own servers, or an external hosting service can be used for this purpose. Choosing the external hosting service option also reduces the installation costs of the solution. 

Electronic processes such as “e-invoice”, “e-ledger”, “e-archive”, “e-dispatch”, “e-extract”, and “e-reconciliation” can easily be managed directly on the j-platform solution.

Great for:

– Sales and Distribution

– Construction

– Retail

– Healthcare

– Sport and Entertainment

– Oil and Gas

– Engineering Construction and Operation

– Travel and Transportation

They prefer J-Platform

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